Join & Earn BTC with PokéBits RPG Faucet Game

The PokéBits RPG faucet game is a unique combination of a Bitcoin faucet, and an RPG styled game. You begin with 5 energy to complete missions with and earn Satoshi while doing so! You regenerate 1 energy every 5 minutes, which in essence makes some missions a 5 minute faucet!

In order to unlock new quest you must complete 100% of the previous quest before the next quest will unlock. Satoshi rewards gradually get higher the more you progress.

When you level up, your energy is restored and you gain +1 energy to your max amount, giving you the ability to do more missions more often with each level you gain!

To do a quest visit the Quests page, take a quest and wait the required quest time. Once you've waited the quest time requirement, visit the Quests page again and click Finish Quest to earn your reward!

Moreover, PokéBits also allows its players at the same time Bitcoin earners use the "Mining Shop." Using this, you can upgrade your mining shop level to increase your daily mined amount. Your Mining Shop generates daily Satoshi, the higher the level the more Satoshi you will generate daily, this is just an in-game feature and not based on actual Bitcoin Mining.

In order to upgrade your Poke Shop you will have to do missions to collect enough Satoshi for the upgrade. Each Poke Shop upgrade you purchase will add +250 Satoshi to your daily mining amount. For every level upgraded, the next upgrade price will increase by 25%.

The maximum Poke Shop level you can achieve is level 25, with a daily mining amount of 6,000 Satoshi per day. Satoshi mined from your Poke Shop is automatically added to your account balance.

To withdraw your earnings, visit Viridian Bank. Minimum is 0.00050000 BTC and will be sent to your Bitcoin Address on FaucetBox. Remember, your Bitcoin balance will be sent to your registered bitcoin address on FaucetBox.

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