Free up to 0.002 BTC Daily with 20,000 Satoshi Welcome Bonus – No investment Required!

MicroMining - a revolution in the world of mining cryptocurrency. By combining the power of computers of our users - we mine cryptocurrency.

At MicroMining, no need to invest money “we don’t take investment, we only pay to you. So you risk nothing.”

To start earning, you need to have a computer, and install its software. Also, you need to have Bitcoin Wallet.

How to join?

1. Login using your Bitcoin wallet address. If you don't have a wallet, you can create it at or

2. Download the app, install it and run the software. Register at to get the 20,000 satoshi welcome bonus.

3. After installation, the program will generate you an approximate daily earnings.

The minimum amount for withdrawal of 10,000 satoshi. The exception is the first output of 30,000 satoshi, just as we will give you a welcome bonus of 20,000 satoshi. Payments will be made immediately once you reach the minimum amount for withdrawal.

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