Play and Earn Bitcoin with VirtualPub

VirtualPub is a manager game , as a pub owner, you need to manage your pub, upgrade , buy, sell and make profit in Satoshis, you can also collect tips from your pub's visitors

First step is make an account at You need to provide VALID e-mail address – you will receive your confirmation link here (and later withdraw confirmations too). Nickname – username – you will log in with this name. Your valid BTC address – it cannot be chaned later (only with my support after signing a messae), and your password. Also you need to solve one ReCaptcha to prove, you are not a bot.

After registering , you will receive an e-mail address with confirmation link. After using this link, your registration is complete, and you can log in with your nickname/password.

Gameplay: After successful registration and log in, you will receive 10010 satoshis for the first investments. You will need to invest these satoshis for your startup – unlock your bar, hire a bartender and buy some reserves of beer. The point of this game is to have stable and profitable pub, upgrade your buildings/bartender, make storage reserves and sell the products (beer, wine and whisky) to your customers. Number of customers is limited with seating places, for the beginning you have 5 seats, later you can upgrade them. If you are making good progress, you can unlock science building too and make additional upgrades, that will bring you much more satoshis. In this game, every 4 hours you can claim extra satoshis at the bottom of the page. Later, with satoshi claims, you will receiv Science points too – they are needed to improve your pub. Extra income is coming from tips , that your satisfied customers leaving to you.

NOTE: This game is a long-run game, at the first stages, you will not make big profit, there is a simple formula: more upgrades/unlocks = more profit. After uprades you will see your balance is growing pretty fast.

The game design: On the top page you will see your account and your balance. Left side is reserved for advertisements, that making an income for your withdrawals. On the right side, you have “cards” with buttons, every “card” is one building or bartender. Some unlocks/upgrades unhiding additional “cards”.

What “card” is for what and how much costs the upgrades and how they are making profit.

The basic building, everything other is depending of the upgrade level of the bar. This is a non profit building (“card”) but it is needed to make profit.

Level 0: - you need to unlock it to reveal additional buildings…

Level 1: unlock price: 9800 Satoshis – after reaching level 1, you can upgrade the rest of your buildings to level 1.

Level 2: upgrade price: 20.000 Satoshis – this upgrade allows you to upgrade all of your buildings to level 2

This guy is needed to serve your customers. If he is not hired, there will be no profit generated.

Level 1: Price: Free - at the bottom of this “card” you see a blue button, that hires your bartender to 60 minutes (for example, if your bartender’s time is 30 minutes, you can extend his time with extra 30 minutes.)

Level 2: Price: 10.000 satoshis - his maximum working time is 120 minutes,so you need to click less frequently and he will still sell drinks.

NOTE: Bartender without some drinks in warehouse is making loss (negative profit) – he is just sitting and not selling. It means, you need to buy some beers , wine or whisky (if you have unlocked them).
In the top of bartender's card you can see a progressbar with time, that remaining from his working time (you can extend it unlimited times).

This is the basic drink, it's automatically unlocked for free.
Buying price: 1 liter of beer = 1 satoshi
Selling price: 1 liter of beer = 3 satoshis
Selling interval: approx 1 liter of beer / minute
Maximum amount per purchase: 25. (you can buy more with multiple clicks)
There are no levels.

Wine is needed to be unlocked, unlock price is 1000 satoshis.
Buying price: 1 bottle of wine = 5 satoshi
Selling price: 1 bottle of wine = 10 satoshis
Selling interval: approx 1 bottle of wine / 6 minutes
Maximum amount per purchase: 10. (you can buy more with multiple clicks)
There are no levels.

Wine before unlock:

Wine after unlock:

Whisky is the most profitable drink and it's needed to be unlocked, unlock price is 5000 satoshis.
Buying price: 1 bottle of whisky= 10 satoshi
Selling price: 1 bottle of whisky = 21 satoshis
Selling interval: approx 1 bottle of whisky / 10 minutes
Maximum amount per purchase: 5. (you can buy more with multiple clicks)
There are no levels.

Whisky before unlock:

Whisky after unlock:

After unlocking the whisky card, you can also buy cigars , there is no unlock needed.

What cigars does: Cigars are bought by customers, that drinking whisky. After whisky sold, there is 40% chance to buy one of your cigars (if you have reserves). After selling cigars, you will get 110 satoshis, upto 50 science points, and also you can get 1 or 2 lucky coins (they are rare), they will be used in future updates.

They are needed – it makes space for your customers to sit down and spend their satoshis.
There are 2 primary levels (more can be unlocked with science).
Basic level is for free after upgrading your bar to level 1. It allows you to host 5 guests.
Upgraded level can host 10 guests.

Effect: Alcohol spending 2x faster. Unlock price: 10.000 satoshis.

Need to store your drinks.
Basic level is unlocked automatically after upgrading your bar to level 1 and its capacity is 50.
Level 2 – last upgradable level is available after bar level 2, and its storae capacity is 100 units. More capacity can be reached with science.

As you see, there is a progress bar that showing you how much drinks you have in your warehouse. This limit cannot be exceeded.

This card has one simple function. Clicking to button you will collect all tips left by customers. This amount is random , but it depends on the amount sold until last Tips collection. There are no upgrades available, however the amount of tips can be later modified via science.

NOTE: Inside this card is one advertisement, don’t click on that, until you aren’t curious of the content of this ad :)

The science card is locked, until you dont have upraded all other buildings to maximum level. Unlock price is 15.000 satoshis.

After unlocking this card you will earn from bonuses (they are shown every 4 hours on the bottom of the page) also Science points - their amount is random. Your science points amount will be shown in this card's footer.

You can use your science points and unlock additional, valuable upgrades for science points (SP). After unlocking a group of upgrades, new ones are appearing.
Firts science pack:
+30 satoshis maximum / 4-hour bonus - 1500 SP
-30 minutes waiting time / 4 hour bonus - 2500 SP
+50% tips from your customers - 2500 SP

Second science pack:
+5 seats (customers spending 150% faster) - 4000 SP
+3 SAT / sold wine - 5000 SP
+30 minutes working time to your bartender - 7500 SP

Third science pack:
+5 SAT / sold whisky - 7500 SP
Unlock Jukebox - 10.000 SP - after you unlocked jukebox, with every bonus claim you will receive satoshis, science points, and jukebox infome (upto 5000 satoshi / claim)

After finishing all 3 scienc packs, in the science card, you can convert your science points to satoshis.

On the top-left corner, you have info about your account (nick and account balance). Clicking to this link, you will see more detailed info about your acount. Here is your referral info too, also withdraw option..

To withdraw your funds, simply create an account at FaucetHub (if you dont have yet), and then register in this game and start earning satoshis. It's easy and not time expensive

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