[HOT] Free Bitcoin Daily with Robot Cash - 0.124237 BTC Total Withdrawn

Hello, I just want to invite everyone to try this bot in Telegram called the RobotCashBot. This bot gives FREE 300 gems to its member, that's equivalent to 0.00030000 BTC, plus free up to 100 gems daily bonus.

Those gems can be used as in-game money to hire different robots. Every robot obtain the energy which you can sell or exchange on real money! Every robot type has individual characteristics and gets different amount of energy. You can hire as much units, as you wish! Your robots don’t getting tired and they will obtain the energy 24 hours!


1. First download the messenger app “Telegram” on Google PlayStore. Register and logon to your account. If you’re using PC, you can make an account thru Telegram Web Version (https://web.telegram.org).
2. After that, visit at @RobotCashBot to start.
3. Join to that channel and click Start.
4. Choose, please, language for further work in Robot Cash Bot.
5. After that, you’ll now see your 300 gems in your available balance.


You can obtain the bonus every 24 hours. Bonus will be payed by GEM to available balance. Bonus will be generated randomly from 10 to 100 gems. To claim your daily bonus, click the Bonus button on your menu.


1. Hire the robots, they will obtain the energy!
2. Energy will be collected, absorb it!
3. Sell the energy and earn GEMs. You can sell your energy from hangar and obtain gems, and exchange it on real money. Obtained gems distributes between two accounts ( Available balance and Payout balance) in next proportion: 70% to Avaliable balance and 30% to Payout balance. With the availble balance you can buy robots and with the payout balance you can request payment.
4. Exchange gems for real money or hire more robots to raise income.


Invite your friends and get 50 gems as a bonus and 30% from every balance replenishment by invited person. You income has no limits! Even few people can raise your income to 100,000 gems. Minimum payout is 0.001 BTC (1000 gems).

Happy Earning!

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