King Birds: Play Now, Produce Eggs, & Earn Money – With free "Lory" + 450 silver coins as a gift

Profit every 10 minutes!

No investment! Just play, produce eggs and earn money. When register you will get a “Lory” bird and 450 silver coins as a gift - Register at

Eggs storehouse
Here you can collect and sell eggs to get silver coins which you can swap for real money. The silver coins got after processing are divided between two of your accounts (the account for purchases - 70% and the account for withdrawal - 30%). You can collect eggs even once a month, decide on what is the most convenient for you.

Everyday bonus
Bonus is given once in 24 hours. Bonus is given out with silver coins to the account for purchases. The sum of the bonus is generated accidentally from 10 to 100 silver coins.

Minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin is 250,000 silver or 0.01 BTC with transaction fee of 15%. In Payeer, you need 100 silver for payouts = equivalent to 0.98 RUB minus 1.5% for the transaction fee.

*There’s also a 100% replenishments bonus here where you can get free birds when you replenish up to 10,000 RUB.

Profit every 10 minutes!

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